Vegan, Gluten-Free Stuffed Bell Peppers, and my Family Loved it!!!

So, I have a Facebook page called, Vegan,Gluten Free Families with Special Ability Kids (yes, the title is long). I always try to post really great recipes and give the best advice on Autism (lifestyle choice) that a lot of parents and families can use everyday. I saw a recipe for Cajun Stuffed Bell Peppers ( and it looked great, but I wanted to make sure my children would eat everything.  I have always had a problem with taking my time cooking in the kitchen just so your family can say, “Mom, I don’t like this!” Really? Can you at least try it. “No.” So I am on a personal mission that when I cook, I at least try to have one ingredient that everyone will like.  Is this easy? No. Is this a lot to expect? Yes.

Yesterday morning I was on the phone chatting it up with my Auntie Joyce (like at 2:30am, this is normal for us) and I was speaking to her about stuffed bell peppers.  I wanted to make a great recipe, but not something that introduces too many new foods at once.  She says to me, “Try rice and add what you want.”  Genius.  That woman is a genius. So below I have the simple recipe that I used. Love this so much.  Oh yes, FYI, I must say is you take foil or a tight tupperware container this can be taken to school or work. Enjoy!!!


I bought this at Whole Foods, these nuggets are super huge so it will make several servings. (This does contain soy)


They come out of the package huge! I chop it up, so that it can easily be eaten with the rice


I put a little extra virgin olive oil (or any oil that you are comfortable with) for a quick pan fry. These nuggets only need to fry for about 4-6 minutes.  I then add Tamari Soy sauce (gf of course).


Make sure that your bell peppers are fat and can sit up on their own.  Cut off the tops of the bell peppers, clean out the seeds and insides, and stuff them with rice. (Make sure that this rice is cooked)


Bake it in the oven for about 20-25 minutes (I set it to 175).  You will start seeing browning or wrinkling at the top of the bell pepper when its about done.  Pull it out of the oven and use whatever topping you like!


This bell pepper was stuffed with white rice, tofu nuggets, avacado and sour cream (Tofutti).  Of course a side of avocado and banana for dinner.


This is an example of what my husband took to work this morning.  Stuffed bell pepper with white rice, tofu nuggets,avocado and jalapeño.

What kind of bell pepper are you going to make? Leave a comment below!

Have a great day and continue to be an overcomer! (

Nyisha G.

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