Vegan Cuts Box, Yay!

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So of course it is that time of the month, my VeganCuts box came to my doorstep.  I had originally heard of this through a great blogger, Michelle Cehn (World of One of the biggest issues that I had was trying to find really awesome snacks for school lunches, and car trips.  It was such a pain going to the store and picking up a bag of cookies, pretzels or a new fruit snack and my kids lick it and throw it away. I know Im not the only ones who’s kiddos do that.  VeganCuts is $20.00 a month and you receive 7-10 new products to try out.  Some of these products have not even come out on the mainstream market yet!  I wanted to share with you some of the goodies I received for the month of September….


Banza, this pasta is made of chickpeas! also, for my gf mommas it is also made in a dedicated gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, egg-free,lactose-free, nut-free facility.  Im trying this pasta out this weekend! Find out more about this product at


This product has been the most interesting to me, so far. This is called Neat.  This is a breakfast mix (for sausages).  So all that you have to do is add water, 2 eggs (vegan) and cook it for 7-9 minutes on top of the stove.  I can’t wait to taste this. For more information about Neat go to eat


A favorite in my household was Beanfield’s Bean & Rice Chips.  These chips have no gluten, no corn, they are Vegan, no peanuts or seeds, and contain 4 grams of protein.  Visit their website at


This was delicious! has came up with an organic chocolate beverage.  I love chocolate (like the rest of the cool people) and this dark chocolate drink is made from Cacao and is high in Vitamin D.


My kiddos loved this. sells these awesome marshmallows that taste close to the real thing!  These would be perfect on top of a pumpkin pie for the holidays


Have you tried Nature Addict ( fruit snacks?  These come in a resealable bag and have 1 serving of fruit per pouch.  My oldest gobbled these up…I hope you enjoyed some of the wonderful products that I shared, remember don’t give up you can do this!

Hear It.Accept It. Overcome It.


Nyisha G.

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